Who Is Behind Our Fading Past?

Our Fading Past is based upon a Google Map originally started by Anthony Malloy. Andrew's contributions, contacts and enthusiasm saw him roped in as a collaborator and now, like it or not, he's the other half of the team.

Anthony Malloy

I'll write a biog soon. Really, I will.



Why am I interested in old signs?  It started with the discovery of the South Yarra Maples sign on what was a warehouse but now turned into an apartment block.  After some research, I learnt much about the Maples company and the warehouse.  Tony came across my photo of the sign that I had published on my blog and I learnt of his 'old sign project'.  I now keep my eyes open and roaming when out and about.  It is surprising how many are around if you look.  Some people from the internet forum walkingmelbourne.com have assisted with photos and locations.  While we can only guess what Melbourne will look like in 2100, I hope Our Fading Past will still have a web presence and maybe someone will be adding an old sign that is being newly painted as I write.